1. New Zealand

We offer delivery services through NZ Post and NZ Courier. You can choose from various shipping options provided by your preferred courier. Please note that certain products may not be eligible for Trackpack options due to their size and weight. We are proud to announce that there are no additional costs for rural delivery.

For added protection, we offer box shipping for your items at an extra charge. However, please be aware that if you choose the Trackpac (Compostable bag) service for fragile items, we cannot take responsibility for any damages.

All our services include 'signature required' for added security and have Track & Trace functionality. Please allow an additional 2-3 days for rural delivery.


    Our TrackPak bag is now home and commercially compostable! Please note that labels and tapes are not compostable and need to be removed before composting. While the TrackPak is a compostable bag, it may not provide sufficient protection for fragile items such as glasses or other delicate packaging. For better protection, we highly recommend choosing the box option for fragile items.

    The courier company for TrackPak will be selected by 365Health. If you have any inquiries regarding the courier company associated with the TrackPak service, please contact us.

    TrackPak offers overnight service for urban addresses across New Zealand.

     Region Weight Limit
    Shipping cost Estimated Delivery time
    Nationwide Up to 3 kg $5.9 Overnight
    Nationwide(Large) 3.01~5kg $8.9 Overnight

     * Please note that certain items may not be available for selection with TrackPak due to their size.



        Box shipping provides better protection compared to TrackPak. If your item requires extra protection, we highly recommend choosing the Box service, even if it incurs a slightly higher cost. Please note that we cannot cover any damages to items caused by choosing the compostable bag option for fragile items.

        > NZ Post

        NZ Post is the largest courier company in New Zealand, offering competitive shipping costs. With their extensive network, they can deliver to any location in New Zealand.

           Region Weight Limit Shipping cost Estimated Delivery time


          Up to 25kg $8 Overnight~2 working days
          Local Town(Rest of Auckland-Helensville, Kumeu, Tukau / Weelsford, Warkworth, Pokeno) Up to 25kg $9 Overnight~2 working days
          Shorthaul(BOP,WKO,NTL) Up to 15kg $12
          16~18kg $14.00 Overnight~2 working days
          18~20kg $15.00 Overnight~2 working days
          Rest of North Island Up to 15kg $14 Overnight~2 working days
          15~16kg $16.00 Overnight~2 working days
          16~18kg $20 Overnight~2 working days
          18~20kg $25 Overnight~2 working days
          South Island Economy Up to 5kg $20 3~5 working days
          5~10kg $29 3~5 working days
          10~15kg $46 3~5 working days
          15~24kg $62 3~5 working days
          South Island Overnight Up to 5kg $26 Overnight~2 working days
          5~10kg $53 Overnight~2 working days
          10~15kg $80 Overnight~2 working days


          > NZ Courier

          NZ Couriers is known for providing friendly service compared to other courier companies. We understand our customers' demands, which is why we have introduced NZ Couriers to you. While their service may have a slightly higher cost, it comes with better service quality. If any issues arise, NZ Couriers always strive to resolve them to the best of their ability.

          Please note that some items will be dispatched using NZ Couriers, as they specialize in business section deliveries.


             Region Weight limit Shipping Cost Estimated Delivery time
            Auckland Up to 25kg $9.00 Overnight~2 working days
            Shorthaul Up to 5kg


            (Price varies depending on size)



            Worldwide Shipping

            We provide DHL Express service for worldwide shipping. For shipments to Australia, South Korea, Mainland China, and Hong Kong, we offer specialized services at special prices!

            Our aim for online orders is to process and dispatch them within 1 day. We dispatch your order once the payment has been cleared. If you place an order before 14:00 NZT, there is a high likelihood that your parcel will be dispatched on the 2~3 days.

            365Health is a service provider, not a delivery company, and is not fully familiar with customs regulations around the world. Therefore, we will help customers to the best of our ability based on our knowledge, but there are limits, and customers are responsible for matters related to customs clearance.

            Notice: International

            We are currently experiencing significant international delays with parcels entering and leaving New Zealand. These delays are primarily caused by insufficient airfreight capacity and government restrictions related to COVID-19. We anticipate that these delays will persist for some time. For more information regarding international delays, please refer here.

            Notice: EU

            Starting from July 1, 2021, the European Union (EU) has implemented new rules regarding VAT for e-commerce. The previous VAT exemption for small consignments valued up to EUR 22 will no longer apply. All parcels entering EU countries will now be subject to VAT charges. For more detailed information, please refer details here




            2. Australia

            We provide delivery options to Australia using DHL Express. The price for shipping will be displayed at the checkout. Please note that the Australian GST (Goods and Services Tax) is not included in our prices. The currency used for transactions is NZD (New Zealand Dollar).

            3. South Korea

            • 365헬스는 일부 상품을 제외한 모든 상품의 한국 배송이 가능합니다. 매주 화요일과 목요일 주 2회 발송하고 있으며, 일반적인 배송 기간은 최소 7일에서 최대 10일 정도 소요됩니다.
            • 한국으로 배송시 통관을 위해서는 개인고유통관부호 또는 주민등록번호가 필요합니다.
            • 한국으로 한번에 배송 될 수 있는 건강식품의 갯수는 6개입니다. 초과로 주문하실 경우 2박스/3박스 표기된 배송 옵션을 선택해 주시기 바랍니다
            • 육포제품 (Beef Jerky)나 녹용제품을 한국으로 배송하시는 경우, 주문 건 당 검역비 $8가 추가됩니다.
             1 kg 이하 $13
             1 kg - 1.5 kg $18
             1.51 kg - 2 kg $24

            * Currency : NZD

            4. China

             Important - Service Suspension in East China(including Shanghai,Zhejiang Area, Jiangsu and Anhui Area due to Covid-19 lockdown

            We provide delivery service to China using FTD (traceable) shipping. Please ensure to follow the customs restrictions and rules as you are responsible for complying with the customs and tax regulations.

            Kindly provide a shipping address in Chinese characters.

            China customs requires both the front and back copies of the recipient's China resident ID card. Please upload the receiver's ID card copies to the following link:

            FTD offers compensation cover for loss or damage of up to NZD 249.99 for each package sent.

            Please note that the maximum allowed quantity in one box is 10 items, with a maximum of 8 items per category. If you purchase more than 10 items*, we will send your order in multiple boxes to avoid taxes and restrictions. These boxes will be dispatched every alternate day.

            Please refer to the list below for restrictions and prohibited items:

               Quantity Limit List of item
              3 Facial Cream, Shampoo, Hair conditioner, Cleanse form, Cleansing water, Skincare, Hand cream, Face oil, Lip balm, Facial Essence
              15 Toothpaste, Soap
              8 Paw paw cream
              • Dairy products including colostrum
              • All animal products (e.g. minced meats, meat can, deer blood)
              • Seeds & all vegetable/fruit products (e.g. fresh fruits, vege/fruit juice, canned fruit, oriental medicine, placenta)

              * If you are ordering more than 10 items, please select the multiple box option during the checkout process.

              5. Hong Kong

              We provide delivery services to Hong Kong using SF Express and DHL Express. Please note that we cannot guarantee the shipment of quantity-limited and restricted items to Hong Kong. It is your responsibility to review the customs policies of Hong Kong before placing an order.

              6. Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, UAE

              We provide delivery services to Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates using Aramex exclusively. Please note that NZ Post does not currently offer shipping to Qatar due to the circumstances in that region.

              7. Taiwan

               All private consumers (consignees/importers) of shipments into Taiwan are required to download the EZWAY Customs application and register their mobile phone numbers. Each import shipment must go through the RNA (Remote Network Access) process to facilitate customs clearance of the goods.

              **The number of items that can be sent at once is 12.


              8. Other Countries

              We also offer delivery services to other countries not listed above using NZ Post (Tracked and Non-tracked) or DHL Express. Please proceed to the checkout to determine the shipping cost for your destination.